Nestor Lim

Technology Solutions Provider

Makati City, Philippines 
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About Me


Providing Technology Solutions to Organizations

Nestor has helped various organizations all over the world leverage technology products to meet the bottom line. Nestor offers management consulting, project management, training, software development, network administration and setup, and consulting services in the field of information and communications technology. He is an expert in cloud based technologies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google APIs, NetSuite CRM/ERP,, and others. He has more than 20 years of international experience - helping bring his customers to new heights by making technology work for them in a lean and mean manner.

Helping People Achieve Financial Independence

Nestor also provides FREE personal financial advice to colleagues and friends. This includes business and investment strategies on the various securities markets such as stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, etc. Since he is not receiving any financial consideration to provide this service, you can be sure that the advice you get is honest and unbiased. As Warren Buffet used to say, "Don't ask a barber if you need a haircut."

Advocating Science And Knowledge

Nestor has a pragmatic view of the world and is an advocate of seeing the world in the eyes of science and logic. Decision making should be based on available data and not on superstitious beliefs and ancient traditions.

Serving People Worldwide

As a founding member of the Rotary Club of Greenfield District, Nestor is a champion of volunteerism and self-sacrifice in the service of his fellow man. He is committed to the truth, fairness, building goodwill and friendships, and ensuring beneficial service to all.





Customer Testimonials


"A complex project completed very professionally with a can-do attitude. Excellent communication. I recommend Nestor."

Tim, Co Founder and Director of a high traffic B2C ecommerce business in Australia

"WOW! Nestor is IT Master. He got it done well ahead of time, was short, to the point and speaks excellent English. His knowledge of NetSuite is GREAT. So glad to found another expert in NetSuite that really knows what he does. All I can say it was a pleasure to work with you and will keep you in my list for future projects"

Vasili, Director of health retreat centers using a cloud based ERP systems in Canada.

"Work was done exactly as per spec and delivered ahead of time. Would have no hesitation in hiring Nestor again."

Troy, technology consultant in the United States



Global Recognitions

Nestor is recognized by world renowned global technology companies for his skills and knowledge in a multitude of technology subjects through certifications. Among the companies that recognized him include Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba, Meta (Facebook), and Oracle.

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